OnForce Sucks - IT'S A SWEATSHOP

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A number of technicians who came before us were brave enough to stand up to OnForce and point out their unfair practices. To retalliate whenever anyone stands up to them or bring up their unfair practices, they suspend or kick them off their so called marketplace.

I have been with OnForce since they were computerrepair.com and I watched them becoming a sweatshop. A number of small businesses and individual see the platform as a way to make a quick buck, but they miss the larger picture. Company like Pomeroy and AT&T could have hired an IT force to complete their work orders or subcontract directly with small IT firms. Instead they turn to the OnForce sweatshop. In months to come we will boycott all IT companies that do business with OnForce. We will spread the word about their unfair practices and injustice and how they have destroyed the IT profession.

We will expose the secrets behind this giant sweatshop. We will provide other alternatives to OnForce, companies like Gurus2Go and others deal with technicians directly.

We are taking a stand, we say no to OnForce, no to IT Slavery, no to flat rate fee, no to IT slave master like Pomeroy.

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Monetary Loss: $135.



I don't like the way they charge 15% to the buyer for shipping and parts. These items should be outside of the job scope.

We store parts, and Onforce takes 15% of that cost when the customer is billed. Who's storing the part?

ME!!!!!, and they get 15%? Then there's money out of pocket for shipping costs, and they want 15% of that too.

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Yes this is a unfair practice.

Onforce IT

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OnForce is a rippoff and you can view this information Here or http://www.Onforceisaripoff.webhop.org.

They like to have technicians go perform services for 1/4 of the dollar and then stand behind the buyer so the technicians do not get paid for their services. They are PRO-BUYER and they do absolutely nothing to satisfy the technicians that perform the services.

They scarf $11.00 when the buyer submits a work order and then they scarf 10% of the total work order dollar from the technician. That in itself is a total rip off!

Help get the word out there by joining our growing list to begin a class action law suit.

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OnForce has a lot of problems. Mostly they have very inexperienced people and an ongoing problem with retaining skilled technicians as they abuse their relationship with these technicians. YOU could end up in the middle of a lawsuit if even unknown to you, another company that you hired secretly hired OnForce to dispatch someone to your location to do service work and that person never got paid for the work...


www.tecdirect.com is a great database...technicians are paid promptly & the clients have to prepay so there is no delays in payment. And they have an actual office that answers the phones should you have questions.

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Funny I just did a work order through onforce, HP , They took a long time to pay, when the time went over 2 hr, because of the hardware problem, They did not grant a SLI. It is apparent you do not have hands on experience with onforce.

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